Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's been awhile

i been too busy nowadays.
with school, doing errands for my parents while their gone, and staying outta trouble just for my brother =]so that means i haven't been seeing my friends >__< mhmm

damn.lately schools been hella cramming everything >___<
so much work to get done, so little time before the quarter ends.
but i checked my grades today and im doing pretty good.
thank God our spring break is coming up soon, then i get to rest =]

just sent out all moms bills and paid the rest online.
so im done with her errands, been calling her more than 4 times a day, EVERYDAY.
hah.i miss my mom & dad ;[ and i miss my big brother.hawwww
still got my stuff to get done, gonna go get my x-rays tomorrow afterschool "/
and friday EW gonna get another TB test & pick up my mmr's for school

hopefully everything will be better in time=]
i'm thinking positive, PLUS everyone always prays.
like berds said "praying works if you believe in it"
don't worry cjay, we're all here for you.
hawww the comment my big brother left me makes me think everyday.
i always cry when i read it, even all my cousins & aunties.
i HOPE the Lord answers all our prayers and helps him!!!!

well aint got much to say.
nothing interesting has been going on lately.
people change, things go wrong...but just remember life goes on
i love my family, without them idk where i'd be right now
the support, care, and love, idk why i used to choose my friends & exs over them
people walk in & out of your life for a reason.with a family like mines...i'm truly BLESSED!
but with family,they NEVER walk out on you...their there ALWAYS & FOREVER <3
remember that...

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