Saturday, February 28, 2009

friday & saturday

was fckn FUN =]

friday, i chilled with criselda & the boys.
me,her,& francis was watching the kim k. & ray j porn.
AAHAHAHAHAHAHH OMFG! he's got a hammaahhhhh [;
the HUMANGOUS thing couldn't even fit all the way in & she's already goin "awwh ahhh ahh" LMFAO!!!
then laughed at more stupid videos,chilled outside with the rest of the boys,mhmm and i had to drop criselda home after.
then went back to francis' house to pick up something & i was like WOWWEEE 0_o long time no see eh?!
waited & waited..mhmm & WAITED for jennivic & charmaine to get ready.hah.maine said she was gonna be running i went to pick up jen & we cruised a bit around kalihi while waiting.
then charmaine got to kalihi & we met up at kopke by joshs house.hahha we had to hang out there till it got dark cuz maine locked her keys inside her car.& josh had to put the wire hanger in to get it open.BWAHAHAH took so long.we were trynna think of other ideas & we were the ones telling josh when it the wire was about to touch the unlock button.hah
FINALLY after almost an hour, he got it open.then we waited around AGAIN cuz me,jen,& maine didn't know where to we just said we went to walmart.
it was sooooo fckn funny in there.doing anykine.hahaha.we made a video.directed by charmaine.hahaha i'd talk about it.but nahhh don't got time to BRAG [; so like josh was just watching us and saying "so dix" & "did you guys plan this?lol".looked at shoes & big rubber boots...hahahaa jen "so small the feet,its kinda cute but weird".played with BABY strollers & toys -__- ahhhh!
& after an hour & a half of playing around in walmart, we decided to eat at genki's at wards.ate only 2 plates but we were in there for almost 2 hours just talking stories & finding out alotta missing pieces to the unsolved mysteries.MHM?but whatevvvaaaaaa already.
then went outside & took pictures.ahahahahaha charmaine "there's alotta AFRICAN people out here tonight.woah".lmfao!sat by the tables & talked MORE stories & laughed & all that.
then it was getting late so charmaine had to go home.& me & jen were still bored, so we went to her house & watched 'my sassy girl'.OMFG that movies the BEST love/romance movie ever<3 me & jen were crying so much.i'd watch it again, it kicks 'a walk to remember' in the ass!
quote "destiny is the bridge we build to that person"."if it's meant to be, it'll find it's way".
after had a VENT session with jen.then looked out at the view from her balcony.& i got home around 3AM.haha i was so tired.

SATURDAY, went to waipahu to pick up something.then went to nami's salon & waxed my eyebrows for FREE.hah.then picked up the boys and went to the malls.shopped around at forever 21.had jamba juice.then got we decided to meet up with jen at salt lake shopping center.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!ate SPICY AHI [; mhmm my favorite =] LMFAO at this sushi place.waited for jen to walk down.then we left & went to francis' house so someone could change, went to pearlridge, cruised for a bit & i had a snickerdoodle cookie.YUM :D hah me & jen jacked a hello kitty light up tweezer/chopstick thingy.i bought chocolate & shared with everyone, like i ALWAYS back to kalihi.played cards with bernard them.then bernard drove us and me,jen,francis,bernard,& xavier(AKA sex) ahahahahaha we ate at the korean restaurant by diners.where they serve the meat on the sizzling plates.i went there *BEFORE.& bernard starts teasing me -_- we all shared food.there was a lot & we were all full =]went back to bernards house & we were watching his gay videos with xavier.had more than 5.damn & we thought GIRLS were camerawhores or that conceited? & jen took pics with his MAC computer.then they went to xaviers house & i had to pick up my mom.damn i coulda gone out too.RV called me up.ahhhhh.well im home & its boring & cold.bbrrrrrrr...


Friday, February 27, 2009


it's my big brother Christopher Jay (CJAY)'s 23rd birthday.
even if he's all the way in San Francisco bay area and San jose,
i hope he's gonna have FUN doing whatever the hell their gonna cousin ryan & charmaine's cousin mark went to SF to celebrate with him.can tell their gonna party & drink & me & my mom think their gonna drive to vegas like they always do.
well big brother i wish you the best birthday wishes & i just wanted to post pics of us when we were growing up together.hahahaha :DDD love ya

& mhm i just realized something about the date
it's supposed to be 3yrs&2mnths -_____-wow

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

munchin' on

my FAVORiTE munchies :D

YUMMMMMMYYYY i'm eatin' it right now !!!!! :D