Monday, May 4, 2009

so i'm back...

after it's been like what..a week since i last blogged?
hahhahhaha anyways

this past few days & weekends have been a total blast!
meeting new people, making friends, chillin' late nights till mornin' time
& being happy for that moment...."JUST CUZ" (sherwin's saying) hahahah

there's been drinking,& singing,lots of picture taking,mountain climbing,around the island tours,adventurous journeys,crying,& cuddling...all that shit happened between april & may :DDD

the BEST i EVER HAD...huh guys?lol
if ya catch what i mean.i love how it was just us 4.mhmmm
makes me smile when i think about it...
anyways, don't wanna brag too much

cuz there's MORE where that came from.hah

k den