Saturday, March 21, 2009


so like my birthday was alright
started off with lots of crying.
mhmm only SOME of oyu know why.
but i'll be on my own for awhile
my parents will be leaving for san francisco today ;[
my mom said she doesnt know how long they'll be there.
so she left me with bills to send out in the mail & money for me while they're gone
im kinda sad.i hope everythings gonna be okay >_____________<
for those who know why.PLEASE KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS!
& thanks for those who ALWAYS tell me that they pray for him.
i really appreciate it cuz thats all we can do right now
and all we can do is HOPE and pray EVERYTHING will be okay.
i cried so many times yesterday.sheila seen me.
but anyways thanks for all the birthday greetings & making me feel special & being there when i needed friends to cheer me up when "things" like this happen.

anyways, last night we kinda wasted time going to the cosmic bowling place.
there was a we couldn't bowl.we ended up just eating pizza there and playing games.then we went to chill at the g-spot and late at nite we were at the o'lounge, was pretty fun AND loud.
pictures will be up soon.gonna wait on everyone to upload theirs.hah
k bye & remember

"don't drink & drive"


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