Wednesday, March 11, 2009


are you making doodoo?" -kristle & ciara
HAHAHA wtf shut up bitches, i think i have my period! LOL

mhm.SOMEBODY didn't know it was "dress down day"
& he was the only one who wasn't ghetto with the rest of the school.
ahah thats save two dollahh (in the viet accent the lunch guy gives)! LMFAO

mr.domingo do you remember her?oh yeah tell her that the SA-LU-YOOT is growing now.
met up with brian,shayna,& juana mae at nordstrom, after comin' from walmart
ate red velvet cake at nordstrom cafe=]fucking almost $7 for that shit.oh well,
juana mae "do you smell weed?"
hahahahaha?mhmmm ;D


tomorrows my cruise classes.YAY :D

& i uploaded "pineapple express" & "don't be a menace to south central when drinking your juice in the hood" on my IPOD !
i'll watch it when im bored in class

oh & jennivic are in love with this song now.haha :DDD


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