Sunday, April 12, 2009

spring break

so far is going okay...
mhm! went to church for holy thursday & good friday.
it felt's been awhile thats why ^___^
cuz you know why? "we need jesus" in our lives
and you best believe in him

went to genki sushi with ash.seen tess so as ALWAYS she gave me discount.hah.we both actually passed math & comp.
then me & ash wanted ice i put gas, then went to wards and we had dairy queen.cuz their ice cream is sooo
walked around & wanted to buy my mom orchid flowers for easter.seen the top i wanted at digs.i think?i might go buy it today.might as well.hah
walked to the theaters & checked what time hannah montana movie was.
so me & ash decided to watch it.awwww it was cute.she looks better on the big screen [; hahahahaa.& i was hella surprised when the movie was done.didnt realize we were sitting behind *THEM.hehe.nawwww it's cool though.i have nothing against them nor do i HATE anyone.jesus ALWAYS "forgives" his i did too, & now i have no burdens to carry with me.hah :DDD

boring boring BORING week.grrrr


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