Saturday, April 18, 2009


was FIRST a girls night out
w/ charmaine,jennivic,krisha,& justine!
it was fun.we went to wards & watched "17 again"
then we went to the cockaroach jacks & ate there.
so scary & dirty.lols
after we just went & chilled in front of joshs house.
then we packed in francis' car & got dropped off at my grandmas house
thanks krisha i almost fell out.lols ;P hahaha

& me & krisha went back to kopke cuz she had to talk to derin.
then i was waiting in the car, but sherwin & rhea told me to come out.
so i chilled with them & talked stories & had laughs with rhea,girly,tin,& sherwin.
then they wanted to go to we followed along & darryl hopped in with us cuz
he didn't wanna sit in the crowded car.
then we all had moment of truth.haha.
got to velvets & chilled & watched them all play pool.
went outside & watched derin cuz he was hella buzzin.lols
puling the dumpster & marcus driving the cart.
blocking the car & blocking the exits & entrance
kaka'ako fckn climbing the sign like spider man & acting wild.lols
got home 4 in the morning.made NEW FRIENDS.hahah
& krisha slept over for the first time :DDD

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