Monday, April 20, 2009


"heal the past, live the present, dream the future." - i got it from someones page.LOL thankssss i like it =]

BTW, back to school today for me.haha.
& NO, no 4/20 for me.i don't do that shit.haha
whats the point for celebrating when you can smoke everyday if you want...right?
LMFAO ;P anyways mark was at school.aha.can tell he's new he doesn't know where to go.lols.mhmm no hmwrk.uhhhh i can't wait for this weekend ^______^ WAIKIKI this whole weekend :DDD & yeah...

the guy who stared into my eyes, held me tight, & sang this song with me

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maine said...

i kinda love that song still hahah but the girl version is cute also. i think its by nina or kyla. listen to it. sometimes i would get caught singing along to this song while i'm cleaning. bwuhahah