Saturday, March 7, 2009

so like

i woke up late today !
& took like almost 2 hours to get ready cuz i was lazy & i curled my hair, cuz i wanted to.
mhm dressed up & asked axl if it was okay & he said ouu nice =] hah
uhh picked all of them up, picked up mom & dropped her off at grandmas house.
went to alaz with them & did our hunting.LOL.ouu *secret store ;D
passed by wards fast kine.ahhhhhh :0
left early cuz i had a party to go to.
in the car.had a DEEP convo. with them.
damn CAN'T believe i feel like that.WOAH -_-
dropped them all off, picked up my cousin.
went to the party & got to see josh & chester again.YAY =] it's been awhile
tomorrow?craft workshop & cruise.maybe go to Target's again.mhm
uhhh BLOGSPOT is LAME & boring nowadays....

k bye

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