Thursday, March 19, 2009

mind over matter

i don't mind and you don't matter!

REUNION last night with sheila & adrian
ohhh how i missed those two >_____<
we were the 3 that were MIA for awhile.
lol.THEY call us "squirley" hahahhaha ;P
but had fun talking stories & catchin' up
& they said alotta shit.lmfao i fckn love them:D

today was good too
"omg your birthdays tomorrow crystal, your turning 20 old fut"
everyone looks at me
"wait so that means your 19 right now?"
i got my first gift today in school.
thanks kristle.i'll be sure to burn everyone out.ahahhaha [;
& went out to dinner with gretch & chris.thanks you you=]
ate at ruby tuesdays & had steak.haha.then gretch said "ohh i come back i gotta talk to my dad on the phone" hahah liar.cuz 2 minutes later the lady comes by with a cake and says "happy birthday hun" lmfao :D
walked around, picked up my mom, & now im home...waiting for 12 so i can finally say im 20 hahahahhaha :DDD

i'm excited for tomorrow.
hope the plan follows through
so for those i told the plans to.
you better come!!!!!

1 more hour till i turn 20 =]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my birthday cake on my 18th birthday!haha

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maine said...

omg, your hk bday cake when you turned 18 is cute. mines one was hk too but it was the frick'n one you buy at sams club lol