Monday, March 9, 2009


cuz....i ran into alotta SOON to be mommys and ALREADY recent mommys looks like they're super happy.mhm :D
i'm happy for them!they love their babies so much!lmfao

school= crazy shit w/ kristle,ciara,& carlton during lunch.
OMFG i got a B on my dental midterm.YES =]
so i still am maintaining my A in that class!

afterschool= cousins house.played with baby khaleb & anela.
laughed with cousins gf lily."damn those girls are kahhhrip.frickin ghetto gangstuh gangstuh girls in cali...why do you hang with them". and "ohhh is that the girl he's talking to?wtf she got a chain hanging onto her wallet..& say whatt?a eyebrow piercing?eww".and "ahhh thats ya braddah he THUG LIFE thats why"

AHAHAHA i love my fucking stupid.LMFAO :D

but yeah eric & bj are here from oregon.hah
& eric came over when i just woke up.
and him & nate expect me to drink with like WTF i ain't 21 yet?
then we took pics?hahah cuz he's a tourist?LOL
"i have my shame".& nate goes "im using my uniform too.hah"
omg whatevvaaaa drunk asses.hahaa

ok nighty night.
"today was a good day"


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